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If I were to describe how the courage to call myself an artist and put my work out into the world presented itself, it would need to be in novella form. My greatest catalyst for launching an intentional art practice was the discovery of mixed media work. It perfectly suited my wide and varied skill set. Traditional quilting soon metamorphosed into art quilting my own designs, and using cloth I had painted myself. Then I discovered quilted paper.

Others were making paper "quilts," but they were pasting or stitching cut shapes onto a base. I developed techniques where I actually quilted an entire paper sandwich. I used my own painted papers, or printed digital designs, to form that base and the elements collaged to it. I also developed a paper appliqué method, employing hand stitching, and used crochet for edging and decoration. The results were painted with acrylic paint. I continue to refine and add processes to aid and abet this art form. It is so thoroughly satisfying that I call it a spiritual practice. It facilitates the exploration of inner memories, drives and emotions, and allows me to express them in a way that constantly supports and surprises me.

Current themes I am pursuing include how time erodes (beautifies) objects, embracing imperfection, and perceiving the signs and wonders that permeate our lives. I often write poetry to accompany my works, which further elucidates what they are attempting to reveal.

I feel very fortunate that the muse has proven to be a worthy companion who has never left my side.